David Zurun

WS Certification:

 1st Set 

One of the most fascinating and gratifying endeavors for me is the experience of passing knowledge to someone truly interested and dedicated to the exchange. It is especially a pleasure to watch them grow and benefit from their efforts.

I have myself been blessed to have studied under some exceptional teachers who have all changed my life for the better. In 1987 I had an awakening of the possibilities of mind body work with my yoga guru, Sharrat Arora, in Dharamsala, India, home of the Dali Lama. Upon leaving he told me my mission on returning home was to find the best teacher possible. Six years later I found that teacher at the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts where I fell in love with Master Hui Liu and the beautiful movements of Dayan Qigong. After 2 years of studies of the 1st and 2nd Sets, I became one of her assistant teachers and finally a lead teacher for the Sunday, 8:00 AM class. During this time I also had the opportunity to study Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi with her esteemed husband, Dr. Y. C. Chiang.

These three great teachers of 3 distinctly different disciplines gave me a broad view of mind body work and styles of teaching. In the process I discovered my own style, which grew from my experience and their teachings.

My teaching style encourages students to experiment and observe themselves through their own unique mind and body. This process starts with rebuilding a healthy relationship between the earth and the soles of the feet, our connection to the earth. This is a broken relationship for most people as it was for me. I help students through subtle exercises to be truly comfortable on their feet, and by extension in their bodies.

Dayan Qigong has given me the perfect vehicle to explore with my students the skills on which balance and movement rely. As students learn how to move the body more efficiently and effortlessly—unlocking tight areas and allowing qi to move more freely—they allow their body to absorb and receive more fully the great many benefits of Dayan Qigong.

The best thing is that this new reality begins, with dedicated practice, to seep into everyday life. Master Hui Liu reminds us often that qigong is an all day exercise. I interpret this to mean that the skills, energy, and awareness we develop through practice becomes who we are throughout our life. This is what she is an embodiment of, and what I aspire to become. I hope I can in some way enrich some lives along the way. I thank my teachers and my students for this rare opportunity.